What’s Up Wednesday – May 10

What's Up Wednesday - May 10 - Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Happy happy Hump Day, ladies! I hope you’re all having a fantastic week! Today’s post is a sneak peek at the all-new, not even on the market yet Mary Kay Charcoal Mask! Let’s check it out!

What I’m Loving

Mary Kay Charcoal Mask

If you’re a mask-loving girl, you’re going to want to get in on this! If you aren’t, you may just turn into one! The all-new Clear Proof Charcoal Mask is a wash-off mask that leaves you with fresh, clearer skin, even after one use. It’s not a peel-off mask which can be damaging to your skin. The main ingredient is activated charcoal which acts as a magnet to clear out your pores. It can remove up twice its weight in impurities! How cool is that?!

So not only does the Mary Kay Charcoal Mask clear out your pores, but it cools as it’s applied and has a light, refreshing scent thanks to rosemary and peppermint. It lightens in color as it dries, so you know when it’s ready to wash off. It washes off very easily with a soft washcloth and warm water! I got to use it about a week and a half ago and my skin looked both clearer and more smooth after just the one time!

This mask will be available to the public on May 15th for just $24! A little goes a long way, too, so this is a great deal! You can use the mask up to three times per week. Contact your Mary Kay Consultant to put in your order, or if you are in-need of a consultant, contact Rehannon Hemenway or shop her site here!

What I’m Excited For

Baseball Season

My 5-year-old son Kade is playing Coach Pitch Baseball this spring and his first game is this weekend! He actually has a game on Saturday and a game on Mother’s Day. 🙂 We’ve been practicing a lot at home so I’m excited to see how it all comes together this weekend! He played t-ball last year but moved up a league this season. There still won’t be outs or anything, but it’s the fun that matters, right?! 🙂

What are you excited about this week?! Are you a facial mask kinda girl? Let me know below if you’ll be trying out the new charcoal mask!

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10 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – May 10

  1. I remember peel-off masks from when I was a teen, they fascinated me. I have never tried a charcoal mask before.

  2. Yay, Kade! I hope he has a great first game this weekend.

    I used to use facial masks often and would like to try activated charcoal.

  3. I can’t say that I’ve tried this, being a guy, but I’ll definitely pass it on and see if this is something that my wife might be interested in.

  4. OH this is such a great post to have up. I love looking forward to something and can admit I have never done any mask on my face, never mind charcoal. I am curious though and love Mary Kay so must try it out!

  5. I love charcoal masks. They are so amazing for your skin! Every time I get a facial they tell me that!

  6. My daughters have recently become fascinated with facial masks. Not sure if they’ve tried a charcoal one yet, but will have to ask them.

  7. I love that the mask has results after one use. I must get some for my neglected face.

  8. Ooh, that looks like a great facial mask! Would love to try it. p.s I love baseball 🙂 Have a great season!

    1. Thank you! <3

  9. I love a good charcoal mask! They really do help you skin to be clean and reduce Pores!

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