What’s Up Wednesday – February 8

In this week's What's Up Wednesday post I'm talking about raw hemmed jeans, CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation, tulips, and more!How are we already half-way through another week?! Being busy…that’s how! In this week’s What’s Up Wednesday post I’m talking about raw hemmed jeans, CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation, tulips, and more! Let’s go!

Things I’m Loving

These raw hem skinny jeans from Asos are perfect for dressing up or down!

Raw Hem Jeans

Have you seen the new jean trend? It’s basically jeans with an unfinished hem. Hence the name…raw hem jeans. At first I was skeptical, but it’s really growing on me! I love taking ordinary pieces like jeans and dressing them up, so I kind of like that about these. They’re almost like a distressed jean in that way. You could wear them with a t-shirt and be totally casual, or with a fun blouse and go out for a night on the town! Speaking of distressed jeans…you can get them with a raw hem now, too. 🙂

Another style of raw hem I’m starting to see more is essentially a hi-low cut. The front of the leg is a little shorter than the back. I’m thinking those would be perfect with a pair of heels, especially if the shoe has an ankle strap or something that you’d like to show off!

Here are some of my favorite affordable raw hem jeans:

CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation


I’ve been using COVERGIRL truBLEND Foundation for a few months now and I really like it. It’s light and smooth and gives great coverage. All without looking fake or cakey. This foundation also lasts the entire day, making it great for us busy moms!

There are twenty-one shades to choose from (seven light, seven medium, and seven dark) and they blend super well to match 99% of skin tones.


Tulips have always been my favorite flower and I’m starting to see them in stores!!! Spring is coming, guys! The first time I see them in the store it always makes me smile and get excited about spring. All the flowers blooming, birds chirping, warmer weather… I love it! And this has always been my favorite color of tulips so when I saw them in the store today…I couldn’t resist! 🙂

Things I’m Not Loving

Roller Coaster Weather

As much as I LOVE me some warm weather, I almost wish it would stay cold until it’s ready to be warm full-time. All this up and down weather we get every fall and spring (or apparently pre-spring, too…) wreaks havoc on my sinuses and allergies. I have been dealing with sinus pressure and a stuffy nose for almost a week now. It always starts in my head and works its way to my chest. Lovely. I hadn’t been on a run since last Tuesday so I literally went for a run earlier this evening…with a cough drop in-tow. #dedication

Things I’m Excited About


My husband works for an amazing company. They have incredibly high sales goals every year and if they reach them, they take the entire company and all their spouses to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun for three days! This will be our third time going and I’m soooo excited to get some beach time!

What have you been loving this week? Do you have any exciting trips planned? I’d love to hear from you below!

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