Travis Kelce Football 101 Camp Recap!

This is my recap of ProCamp's Travis Kelce Football 101 Camp!

This is my recap of ProCamp's Travis Kelce Football 101 Camp - Team PhotoEarlier this month I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Travis Kelce Football 101 Camp! The event was put on by Pro Camps and sponsored by CoverGirl and Walmart. I had so. much. fun!!! There were over 100 women in attendance and we were all placed into 7-woman teams. We learned football fundamentals in several timed sessions and even played two scrimmage games of touch football! We got a team photo taken with Travis Kelce himself. Keep reading to find out just what all the Travis Kelce Football 101 Camp entailed!

I received a free ticket to this event so that I could write an honest review. All words and opinions are my own!

Travis Kelce Football 101 Camp – The Sponsors

The CoverGirl red carpet area at the Travis Kelce Football 101 CampLike I said before, the event was put on by Pro Camps. Pro Camps holds Youth Camps for various sports all across the country, as well as special events such as this. CoverGirl was the main sponsor. They had a backdrop where you could have your photo taken, gave out free samples upon arrival, a mini-makeover during the event, and a small swag bag after camp. The makeup artists were so fun and polite! And we got to try new products which I ended up going out and buying the next day…ha! (Look for a review on that soon!)

There were drinks and a buffet provided by Coach’s. There were veggies, Cajun chicken, and pulled pork sliders. Everyone was given two free drink tickets, then more drinks were available for purchase. Everything was delicious!

Travis Kelce Football 101 Camp – The Camp Experience

The CoverGirl makeover area at the Travis Kelce Football 101 CampWhile I was super excited to get to see Travis Kelce again, I was also really looking forward to playing some football! I grew up playing sports and love tossing the ball around, plus my oldest just played his first season of flag football. I was excited to get some real pointers, especially if I could pass them along to Rider. 🙂 There were a lot of different stations. We learned everything from foot placement when you’re a wide receiver to how to catch a punt return…from kicking a field goal (which is insanely hard!) to Kelce’s main three plays! I just realized that the one thing we didn’t get shown how to do is throw the ball…ha. Good thing I can already throw a spiral!

In addition to learning the skills, we also played in two 7-on-7 touch football games! Unfortunately for my team we did this first thing, before learning any of the skills. We still won our first game! I usually played “wide receiver” or quarterback. Wide receiver is in quotes because we all pretty much just lined up and ran trying to get open. 🙂 I tended to go to the far edge, though, trying to run to the end zone for a pass.

Travis Kelce Football 101 Camp – Overall Thoughts

Each skill was taught by the same person throughout all of the rotations, so we met a new person at each one. There were several college football players from around the area, as well as football coaches. Everyone was really nice. Kelce walked around to all of the stations saying “Hi” and giving encouragement, but didn’t participate in anything since he had just gotten a concussion the night before! I was worried if he was even going to be able to make it! He did, though, and brought his girlfriend and mom with him. It was actually his mom’s birthday so we all sang Happy Birthday to her. 🙂

Travis Kelce Football 101 Camp Swag BagI met some really fun girls on my team. We had a great time talking in-between stations and cheering each other on! It started raining toward the end of the event, but everyone kept playing and having fun! We received a swag bag at the end of the night with some CoverGirl makeup and a Travis Kelce autograph! We also received a shirt for attending.

I would absolutely love to attend another one of these events! It was a lot of fun, and a great workout… 🙂

Who is your favorite athlete? Who would you like to attend a camp with? Let me know below!

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing time at the Travis Kelce Football 101 Camp! I’d like to see the new CoverGirl products you had a chance to try.

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