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How To Style A Basic Tee - Updated - Embellished Tee + Polka Dot Skirt - Ruffled J Crew Jacket Pin

How To Style A Basic Tee – Updated!

The basic t-shirt…something pretty much everyone wears on a regular basis! Especially moms…am I right?! I love taking a comfy tee and dressing it up a bit so that I can be both comfortable and stylish. If you’ve been around for a while, you might remember I covered this once already. I went back and […]

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How to Style A Basic Tee

How to Style a Basic Tee

How to Style A Basic Tee Hello, hello, ladies! Let’s talk casual style for a bit. Chances are that you have a good supply of t-shirts in your wardrobe. (I mean, really…who doesn’t?) But do you know how to style those tees both up and down to get the most out of this wardrobe staple? If you feel like you’re struggling a bit or just want to up your style game, here are a few tips on how to style a basic tee!

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