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Monday through Friday brings an #ootd, not only for inspiration but to shop! Each piece is for sale directly from my site! Check out my Daily #ootd Archive!

Daily #ootd Archive – A New Blog Feature!

Happy Friday! This is the second week that I have posted an #ootd each day, Monday through Friday. I’ve had positive feedback on these posts, and I don’t want them to get lost in the shuffle. So…I’ve created one page to keep a daily #ootd archive if you will – one place for you to […]

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Dress Your Best: Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas!

We are officially less than a week away from Valentine’s Day! Either you love or hate this day, but thanks to Parks & Recreation – married or single, you can now celebrate “Galentine’s Day” and get in on the fun! I have put together some fun Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for you. Let’s start with Extra Small and make our way to Extra Large, shall we?

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