Messner Family Farm Product Review

Messner Family Farm Product Review - Main Image I love trying new beauty products, especially when they’re handmade and all-natural. What makes them even better? When they’re made locally here in Kansas City! I had the pleasure of trying out these great beauty products (and honey!) from the Messner Family Farm. Read on for my Messner Family Farm product review!

I received product as compensation for this review, however I only recommend products and services I believe in. All words and opinions are my own!

Messner Family Farm Product Review – About the Farm

Messner Family Farm Product Review - Raw Honey Messner Family Farm is comprised of Erik and Rachael Messner and they are based in Kansas City, MO. Erik is the head beekeeper, and wife Rachael creates the products and designs their awesome packaging.

The Messner farm focuses on natural beekeeping practices and selling apothecary products that are made with beeswax and honey from their bees! They use beeswax to make products like their lip balm, sunscreen, deodorant and solid perfume, and also sell their raw honey, which is delicious!

Learn more about Messner Family Farm and where you can shop their products here.

Speaking of packaging…

Messner Family Farm Product Review – Packaging

Messner Family Farm Product Review - Packaging Can you believe how cute this packaging is?! I think it totally fits their brand. I love the simplicity of the brown paper and their business cards totally match that look. The twine just adds to the natural feel of the packaging and brand. I wish I would have taken a photo of the back, because they taped the paper together with super-cute bee-printed tape. 🙂

The product labels have a very pretty, country feel and are very easy to read. The ingredients are listed on the back and a lot of the items include “love” as an ingredient. 🙂 The raw honey comes in a beautiful, square glass jar and has a cork closure. The label is attached to the bottle by twine and it was sealed in plastic (everything was, actually). The honey was shipped carefully wrapped in bubblewrap to protect it from breaking.

Messner Family Farm Product Review – For The Lips…

Messner Family Farm Product Review - Lip Balm First up, the beeswax Lip Balm! I received Lemongrass Mint and Ginger Peach Lip Balms to review. They both taste and smell amazing. They are very soft and feel great on the lips. They are very moisturizing and it lasts a long time, unlike your typical chapstick. I probably use this Lip Balm no more than twice a day! Yay for soft lips!

The ingredients list for the Lip Balm includes beeswax, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, honey, cocoa butter, natural flavor oils, and love. <3 The Lip Balms are sold individually for $4, or you can buy all five for $16! You can’t really beat the price!

This awesome Messner Family Farm Lip Balm comes in five delicious scents/flavors:

Lemongrass Mint
Strawberry Rhubarb
Black Walnut Honey
Earl Grey
Ginger Peach

Messner Family Farm Product Review - Lip Tint And next, the Lip Tint! For the product review, I received Amish Rose and Nebraska Wedding. Fun fact: All of the Messner Family Farm Lip Tint colors are named after heirloom tomatoes! Who knew there were so many?! haha The Amish Rose has become my go-to tinted balm. It gives you just the right tint of sheer color, while moisturizing like their Lip Balm. The color and moisture last longer than I expected! The shape of the tube is a little unconventional, but I love it. One small swipe and you’re covered!

The ingredients of the Lip Tints (taken from the Amish Rose): beeswax, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, honey, cocoa butter, mica, zinc stearate, titanium dioxide, red 33, bismuth oxychloride, peppermint and love. They are sold for $6 each, or all six shades for $30!

The Messner Family Farm Lip Tint comes in the following beautiful colors:

Missouri Pink Love Apple
Cherokee Purple
Brandy Wine
Amish Rose
Nebraska Wedding
Money Maker

Messner Family Farm Product Review – For The Body…

In addition to all these great lip products, Messner Family Farm also has products for the body: Solid Perfume, Deodorant, Sunscreen, and Insect Repellent. I only received the Solid Perfume (in Honeysuckle) and a trial-size of Deodorant, so those are what I will review! 🙂

The Solid Perfume comes in a super cute little tin. When I first picked it up, I thought it was lip balm, which is probably why the bottom of the tin reads, “NOT FOR LIPS”. 🙂 The Honeysuckle scent is very nice and sweet. It’s not greasy and the scent lasts a good while. Since it’s such a small tin, it will fit perfectly into your purse or even a wristlet! The Honeysuckle Solid Perfume is made from beeswax, sunflower oil, honeysuckle, vanilla and almond essential oils.

The Messner Family Farm Solid Perfume is $10 and available in the following scents:

Seed Sower
Queen Bee
Earth Lover

I was a little surprised to get a naturally-made Deoderant! Not gonna lie…ha. And the little travel-sized container? So cute! The Lavender & Tea Tree Deoderant is made from beeswax from the Messner Family Farm beehives, plus clay, minerals and other natural ingredients, making it aluminum, paraben and toxic chemical free! From their website:

Coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, lavender and tea tree keep you smelling fresh. Arrowroot, bentonite clay, and zinc oxide work to help you stay dry. Cocoa butter, Shea butter and comfrey extract work to smooth and heal. Beeswax holds it all together!

It has a very nice, earthy scent…in a pretty way. You can smell the lavender. It’s a tiny bit sticky when you very first apply it, but it pretty much immediately goes away. It works really well! It definitely keeps you dry!

Like I said, you can also get sunscreen, insect repellent, and honey from Messner Family Farm. The honey is soooo good! I love that it’s local to my area since it’s been shown to help with allergies. That’s actually the reason the Messners originally got bees!

Which product do you think you’d be most likely to try? Their shipping costs are very low so put in an order today! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Messner Family Farm Product Review

  1. I love this packaging! The typography on the labels is so pretty!

  2. Love this, I am a big Burt’s Bees and Badger fan. May have to give these a try as well.

  3. This is my first time to hear about the brand. I want an insect repellent for my son, I hope they can ship it to my country.

    1. They do ship worldwide! You should check shipping prices at their Etsy site!

  4. I’m always wary about trying new beauty/skincare products because I have sensitive skin. I depend a lot on reviews and I research it to death lol. These products I think I will try. All natural is always a great thing!

  5. These produts sound amazing! I love buying local and the packaging is gorgeous!

    1. LOVE the packaging!

  6. I hope they all smelled as good as i imagine they did. My Mom loves honey, she uses it in her tea often.

  7. So many wonderful things to try! The packaging totally suits the mood of their products.

  8. I have not heard of these but the packaging would make want to try them! So pretty.

  9. I have not tried these products yet but I think they are good ones. Its not overly commercialized which is an assurance that they use only the best ingredients for their products.

  10. I really like all-natural beauty products! I’d love to try Messner Family Farm’s deodorant. It sounds like a really great alternative to all those aluminium filled antiperspirants. The lip tints sound interesting too!

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