January Goal Recap & February Goals

This post is a recap of my January goals and an overview of my February goals. Come see how I did last month and keep me accountable!Hi, guys! This post is a recap of the goals I had for January, how they went, and an overview of my February goals. Let’s see how I did and what’s in store this month!

January Goal Recap

Sales Goal

Let’s start with sales. That is after all the main goal here. My sales goal for January was $1,250, which if you’ll remember from my January Goals post, I felt was a big stretch. I was right, but I’m still happy with how the year started. I had $572 in sales for January. Waaaay short of my goal, but still a decent month for me.

Email Subscriber Goal

I was hoping to end January with 87 email subscribers. I fell just short with 84. I’m wanting to have 1,000 by the end of the year so I need to really grow that number this month.

Instagram Follower Goal

Instagram went a little better, but I fell short of that goal, too. My goal was to have 2,172 followers by the end of the month and I ended with 1,970. I started with 1,850, so that was still a decent increase!

Running Goal

I had a goal of running 2-3 times each week and I made it every week but one. There was one week where it was just way too cold and snowy so I only got one run in. I did an at-home pilates workout instead. At least I stayed active! 🙂

Sweet Tooth Goal

My goal of eating less sugar started out really well. Then I started having more and more trouble saying “no”. #TheStruggleIsReal I’ll keep trying!!!

February Goals

Sales Goal

My sales goal for February is $1400. Yep, a bigger goal than January. I have started out the month pretty well, but still have a very long way to go. I’ve been throwing around the idea of a subscription/membership service, but I’m not sure what to offer or how popular it would be. Any ideas are helpful! 🙂 I’m also still throwing around an idea in my head for a new e-course. I also created a YouTube channel, but have yet to post a video. Working at home with a telecommuting husband, a five-year-old boy son a puppy makes it hard to have a quiet, well-lit place to film…

Email Subscriber Goal

At the end of February I want to have 170 email subscribers. That will put me on track for my yearly goal of 1,000. I have signed up for a 72-hour “growing your email list” course and have the emails in my inbox, but haven’t had a chance to take the challenge yet. I hope to complete that this week. Hopefully it helps! 🙂 If you’d like to sign up, click here!

Instagram Follower Goal

My goal for Instagram this month is to finish with 3,170 followers. I have been posting at roughly the same times each day and following other people, but I need to better my engagement. I’ve gotten out of the habit of replying to comments and commenting on other’s posts. I need to get back to doing that because it helps!

Running Goal

I’m going to keep my goal of running 2-3 times per week. I like that it’s an easy to “schedule” goal and that it’s not too taxing on my body. I’ve also thrown around the idea of making my goal to run 20 miles. We’ll keep that as an unofficial goal and see what happens. 🙂

What are your goals for February? Share below and let’s keep each other accountable!

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8 thoughts on “January Goal Recap & February Goals

  1. I don’t have any specific goals for February besides making through each day the best that I can and to try and allow myself more down time. Best of luck reaching your goals.

  2. I think you’re doing great with goals. It helps to keep track of stats monthly to see what worked and what didn’t. Keep going and I’m sure you’ll surpass your goals by the end of the year.

  3. I love your positivity! Although you fell short of the goals you set for yourself, you still see the good in what you’ve achieved and continued to move forward. Wish you all the best this February!

  4. Sounds like your keeping up with your goals pretty well!!!! I’m still trying to figure out some epic February goals!

  5. I love reading about how you categorize your goals. Its so fun to read how others do it! I hope Feb is amazing!

  6. I like the idea of monthly goals 🙂 Holds us more accountable to them when we have to check-in more often than yearly goals!

  7. Great job congratulations on your successes. I am glad yoru business is growing but most importantly that you are doing something that makes you happy.

  8. $572 Is a still very good! So happy that you are reaching your monthly goals. I’m working on my email list too.

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