How To Use List Perfectly To Relist Poshmark Listings

How To Use List Perfectly To Relist Your Poshmark Listings

How To Use List Perfectly To Relist Poshmark Listings

List Perfectly is a crazy-helpful Chrome Extension for resellers that helps you cross-post your listings from one platform to others. Personally, I post my inventory to Poshmark, then use List Perfectly to cross-list those items to Mercari, eBay, Kidizen, and Facebook Marketplace. Once you select an item and click COPY, a new tab opens for each platform you’re sharing to. List Perfectly sends over your photos, title, and description, then you just fill in the rest! (If you sign up for one of the higher subscriptions, more info gets copied, but I just have the Basic Subscription as of right now.) Check out the different levels and choose the right one for you! Now, the reason you’re here…let me show you how to use List Perfectly to relist Poshmark listings!

But first…

Earlier in 2020, Poshmark rolled out an awesome new feature called the Copy Tool. It allowed you to create a duplicate listing very quickly, which was awesome for those of us who heavily utilize the many Closet Clear Out days by lowering our prices. We could re-list those listings that were at our lowest prices, even though it meant losing likes.

(Some people don’t like losing the likes but my personal opinion is that if you’re already at a super low price and no one has bought it, they probably won’t! I’d rather re-list it at a higher price and get it put back at the top of the Just In category that you can filter by when shopping!)

Well, a couple months after releasing the Copy Tool, they apparently decided that the only items that will get put back in the Just In category are those items that are 60 days old and older. Ugh. Many of us full-time Poshers had been re-listing much of our closets much sooner than that!

Well, I was cross-listing one day and had an epiphany…I wonder if I can crosslist FROM Poshmark TO Poshmark?! Guess what! YOU CAN!

How To Use List Perfectly To Relist Poshmark Listings

Step 1: Sign in to List Perfectly. You have to do this any time you want to use the extension.

Step 2: Sign in to your Poshmark account and go to your closet. Filter to show your available listings, then sort by Price Low To High. OR I’ve also sorted by Recently Price Dropped then scrolled all the way to the bottom.

Step 3: Pick a listing to relist and click the green arrows in the upper-right corner.

How To Use List Perfectly To Relist Poshmark Listings - Choosing A Listing

Step 4: Click on the Poshmark logo, then click on COPY! There will be a tiny bit of delay, then a new tab will open with a new Poshmark listing! Your photos will transfer, as well as the title and description. You’ll just need to fill in the rest!

How To Use List Perfectly To Relist Poshmark Listings -

Step 5: Open the ORIGINAL listing in a new tab, click on Edit Listing, scroll to the bottom, and click Delete Listing! You don’t want two of the same thing listed in your closet!!!

How To Use List Perfectly To Relist Poshmark Listings - Delete Listing

Additional thoughts…

Yes, this does take a little longer than the Copy Tool, but not much longer. Especially once you’re used to using List Perfectly.

I have used this same process to renew stale listings on Mercari, too! The process is exactly the same, just substitute the platform you want to renew listings on and make sure you delete the old listings!

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this already, or if you’re planning to now! It’s been so incredibly helpful and I hope it is for you, too!

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