How To Style A Leather Skirt 3 Ways

How To Style A Leather Skirt 3 Ways
How To Style A Leather Skirt 3 Ways

Hello, hello, ladies! I decided to do my first “fitting room diaries” outing earlier this week, and as soon as I walked into LOFT, I knew I had to do a blog post about this absolutely darling faux leather wrap skirt! Three outfits later and here we are: How To Style A Leather Skirt…3 Ways!

How To Style A Leather Skirt 3 Ways

1. Dress it down with a tee & denim jacket!

There Is Beauty In Simplicity

After I found the skirt that I wanted to style for this post, the first shirt I saw that I knew I wanted to add to the skirt was this chic grey graphic tee that reads, “There is beauty in simplicity”. The wording is actually stitched into the fabric rather than printed on it, so it adds a bit of texture, too. This simple, chic tee could easily be worn with just about anything. Wear it with jeans, shorts, or even a fun leather jacket! I chose to make it more fall-appropriate (and dress down the skirt even more!) by adding this must-have pleated denim jacket.

Don’t these items just go perfectly with this skirt?! I love how they work together!

2. Mix fabrics with a sweater!

How To Style A Leather Skirt 3 Ways - Style it with a trendy oversized sweater tied in a knot!

I saw this navy dolman sweater and thought I’d try it out with the skirt. When I got to the fitting room and got it on, it was more of a tunic style. I liked how the speckled navy knit looked with the black “leather”, but what to do? Well, I decided to just tie a knot on one side! I ended up loving how it worked out! As far as shoes with this outfit, I would probably go with a pair of black booties or chic flats

3. Dress it up with a feminine top!

Of course, dressing down a leather skirt isn’t always what’s on our radar. I mean, it’s usually an item that you wear to dress up a bit. That’s why I wanted to show you two ways you can dress it down. That being said, I also wanted to show you how to easily dress it up, too! I looove me some pastels, and am so happy that they’re not only for Spring anymore! Even better? Pastel floral prints! Yay!

This floral ruffle flutter top is absolutely adorable, and all of the feminine details instantly dress up anything you pair it with. As far as pairing it with a black leather skirt, it really contrasts with the skirt, but in a good way. The softness of the top and the rocker-chicness of the skirt compliment each other perfectly! Going from work to dinner or happy hour? Add a denim jacket to dress it back down!

Do you have a leather (or pleather!) skirt already? Are you more tempted to buy one now? I love how versatile they can be, and if you know me…I’m all about versatile pieces!

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