How to Style A Chambray Shirt 5 Ways

A great chambray shirt should absolutely be a staple in your wardrobe, no matter the season! Come with me to see how to style a chambray button-down five ways! A great chambray shirt should absolutely be a staple in your wardrobe, no matter the season! Chambray button-downs come in various shapes and colors, but for this blog post I’ll be using this great chambray shirt from Ann Taylor. It has 1/2-length sleeves with roll tabs so you can also wear it as a short-sleeved top. It’s thin, making it perfect for summer but easy to layer once it cools off outside. These tops are so versatile! Here is how to style a chambray shirt five ways!

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How to Style A Chambray Shirt 5 Ways – With Blush Pink Pants

How To Style A Chambray 5 Ways - Blush Pink Pants Blush pink is one of the most on-trend colors this year, regardless of season. I styled the Ann Taylor chambray top with these trendy slim ankle pants from Forever 21. I love the mix of the colors, and the statement necklace helps to dress up the outfit even more.

For shoes, I went with this amazing pair of NEW studded flats from Mossimo. Nude goes great with the pink and the gold studs helps add a little more style to an already-stylish outfit! If you want to go for a more casual look, white slip-on shoes are a great, on-trend choice. Come fall, you could trade the necklace for a fun scarf and throw on a pair of chic booties, too!

How to Style A Chambray Shirt 5 Ways – With Statement Shorts

How To Style A Chambray Shirt 5 Ways - Striped Statement Shorts One of the biggest trends right now is the statement short. This striped statement short from Merona (is brand new!) goes great with the chambray top we are working with today! The denim-ish (because that’s totally a word…) grey stripe in the shorts matches the color of the shirt. Add in the statement necklace for a little bling! For shoes, I’d go with a strappy sandal like these $13 ones from JC Penney, or a casual pair of sneakers. Need a new pair of aviators? I have them for sale here!

If you are liking the statement shorts but aren’t too sure on how to style them, check out my blog post dedicated to just that: How To Style Statement Shorts!

How to Style A Chambray Shirt 5 Ways – With Sequins

How To Style A Chambray Shirt 5 Ways - Sequins Skirt Have a fun night out with the girls planned? How about a date night? You can really dress up the chambray top by pairing it with a fun, trendy sequins-covered skirt! What a fun way to dress up the shirt or dress down the skirt! By accessorizing with understated (but chic!) items such as plain black wedges and a black nylon Kate Spade bag, you’re keeping the attention on the skirt and statement necklace.

With this one outfit, you still have options! You can tuck the chambray shirt in, wear it out, or even button all but the bottom two buttons and then tie it at the waist! Play around with it some and see what’s more comfortable for you.

How to Style A Chambray Shirt 5 Ways – Layer It

How To Style A Chambray Shirt 5 Ways - Lace Tank & Skirt When shopping for versatile wardrobe pieces that will work year-round, layering is my friend. I love layering in the colder months, whether it’s just a cardigan over a tank, a chambray over a cami, or a sweater over a chambray with a scarf on top! With the thin material of this particular chambray top, you could totally layer it up right now and it wouldn’t add much weight or heat.

For this outfit, I put the chambray top over a beautiful white tank with a lace neckline from Banana Republic. Maybe I’m just getting festive for the 4th of July, but I thought they would look really stylish with this layered red and white skirt from Vanity. Add in the studded flats and statement necklace and you’re all set!

How to Style A Chambray Shirt 5 Ways – With Jeans

How To Style A Chambray Shirt 5 Ways - Wide Leg Jeans As I’m sure you’ve discovered over time, jeans can pretty much be worn with anything! Yes, definitely a chambray button-down! Technically, chambray isn’t denim, but some shirts can be deceiving. Denim-on-denim has also been making a comeback the last couple of years, so I want to make sure you know this: The denims should NOT match! Unless you are wearing a soft, denim jumpsuit, your denim top should not match your denim bottom.

Back to this chambray outfit… For jeans I used these awesome (and NEW!) wide-legged jeans from Loft. The shirt has a slightly-loose fit, and the jeans are fitted around the buttocks and thighs, so the silhouette is perfect. You could wear some great flats like these NEW ones I have from Aldo, or you could go with a nice pair of wedges if the jeans are long enough on you. The necklace I added is from Park Lane and is actually part of a beautiful matching set that I have available.

Of course, if wide-legged jeans aren’t your thing, wear whatever jeans make you comfortable! I don’t think there is a style that wouldn’t look great with a chambray! I love the wide leg jeans, but I’m more of a skinny jeans-girl myself.

Which outfit above most describes your personality? Would you try something new? I’d love to join in the discussion with you below! (Oh, and while you’re here, why not sign up for my mailing list?! 🙂 )

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18 thoughts on “How to Style A Chambray Shirt 5 Ways

  1. Great way to style a shirt!!!

  2. Those are all really cute looks. I had no idea they were so versatile.

    1. Yes, ma’am! 🙂 You can wear one with just about anything!

  3. Wow, I love all of those looks. That shirt is so adorable!

    1. Thank you!

  4. Love all your styles! I especially love the sequined skirt and the statement shorts. I just got a pair for the first time this year, and I love them.

    1. LOVE statement shorts!!!

  5. Chambray shirts are so versatile!
    I love it.

    xoxo, Jenny

  6. This is a very useful post! I like getting fashion tips on how to style my outfits! Thanks!

  7. Great looks! I love my chambray shirt and wear it all the time!

    Nellwyn |

  8. I had never heard of this type of shirt before, how cool!

  9. Wow, I like the one with red skirt! So fourth of July outfit, love it!

  10. I love mix and matching clothes. Most of my closet is that way.

  11. Huge fan of chambray shirts. Especially in the summer months!

  12. You did a superb job styling that cute shirt. I loved every item you added to the selection.

    1. Thank you so much! <3

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