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I’m sure you’ve all been there… Standing in front of your closet, frustrated, because you have nothing to wear. Even though said closet is full of perfectly fine clothes. You’ve done it, right? (RIGHT? Tell me it’s not just me…) The best way to deal with this “issue” isn’t to go out and buy a new wardrobe, no matter how badly you want to. The first thing you should do: clean out your closet – especially if you haven’t done so in a while! While I know this task may seem daunting, you can accomplish it relatively easily. All you need is some time, and the steps I lay out in this post! Here is how to clean out your closet:

How To Clean Out Your Closet – Prep Work

The first thing you will need to do before starting your closet clean-out is carve out some time to focus on the task at hand. Depending on the size of your wardrobe, this may be 1-3 hours. Turn on some of your favorite music, get comfy, and have fun with it! Why do you need so much time? Because you’ll be trying the clothing on! More on that later…

Now that you’re ready to begin, choose how you want to proceed… Do you want to empty everything out into one giant heap, or would you rather go piece-by-piece? You’re going to end up with two big piles at the end, so keep that in mind. There are perks to both ways. If you empty everything out in the beginning, your “KEEP” pile would essentially not be a pile…you could put the pieces away as you go. If you go piece by piece, you’ll not have an overwhelming pile to start with, but will end up with two big piles at the end…One to keep, one to get rid of. (How exciting does that sound?!)

How To Clean Out Your Closet – Let’s Get It Started!

Okay…now for the “grunt work”! Whether you’ve emptied your closet or are going piece-by-piece, the steps are the same. Follow the steps for each piece that you’re not sure about. I only say that and not “every single piece” because obviously there will be some items that you will know you want to keep because you already wear them a lot or because they’re new(ish).

For each item, ask yourself the following question: “Have I worn this in the last year?” If you have, try it on to make sure it still fits. If not, do you think you’ll wear it soon? Yes? Try it on. If not, put it directly in the purge pile! (We’ll come back to this pile at the end.)

If the item in question fits, do you feel good wearing it? That’s probably the most important question of all! To me, it doesn’t matter if something is seasons old. If it makes you feel good, rock it! Keep it in the “Keep” pile or add it back in to your closet or dresser. If you don’t feel good wearing it, add it to the “Purge” pile.

How To Clean Out Your Closet – Get Your Purge On!

Once you’ve gone through all your clothing, separating everything out, we’re going to go through the “Purge” pile. Why? Because it’s all gotta go somewhere!!! The first thing I would do is check each piece for holes and stains. If you find something that’s not easily fixable, trash it or recycle it into something else. (i.e. rags or a fun pillow) If it’s clean and clear of holes, ask yourself if it has sentimental value. Put it in storage (not back into the closet!) if it does, or put it in a pile to be sold or donated if you’re not attached to it!

I hope this post will help you weed out your closet and give you a good starting point for building a new wardrobe. It’s important to do this from time to time! Not only to get rid of stuff you don’t/won’t wear anymore, but also to find things that may have gotten lost in the mix!

If you would like a nice printable to help you through this process, plus tips on how to organize your closet and further build a nice, base wardrobe, enroll in my 5-day email course: How To Clean Out Your Closet + Build A Base Wardrobe! For just $19.99 I will walk you through the process we just covered (more in-depth, plus with a printable!) PLUS easy ways to organize your wardrobe all on Day 1. The rest of the week focuses on building a base wardrobe that you can wear (mostly) year-round! I’d love for you to join me!

Feel like that’s not enough? Need some 1-on-1 help? I now offer in-person or virtual closet clean-outs and styling sessions! Check it out here!

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? Could you use a course like this? Let me know below!

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17 thoughts on “How To Clean Out Your Closet

  1. Purging is my favorite part of cleaning out the closet. I have so much junk, as we speak that needs to get thrown away so I can have more space for new stuff.

  2. This is such a good idea! My kids have WAY WAY too much clothes; mainly the older two so this is definitely what I need to do with theirs.

  3. Asking myself if I worn something in the last year is the best way for me to purge my closet! I try and do it twice a year to make sure my wardrobe is only filled with things I actually love and wear regularly.

  4. I always wear what I’m comfortable in and never go by trends. I find cleaning out the closet goes best as two seasons change.

  5. These are great tips! I recently cleaned part of my closet out but I need to go finish. Purging is so liberating. My inlaws definitely need to purge their entire house.

  6. Everytime I attempt to clean out my closet, it ends up as a major fail! LOL. I sort the clothes out and put a pile in the “purge” box but then I always think those old clothes could be re-purposed so I end up with keeping them again. I have to follow your tips. They seem to be an effective way to clean out my closet!

  7. The hardest part for me has been taking the stuff out of my trunk and actually dropping it off at the donation center! I need to go through all the closets in the house though. The kids have grown a lot this year.

  8. I love your tips and since I’m clearing space in my home right now, I can relate. It’s amazing how we accumulate so much stuff.

  9. Oh I’m terrible at parting with anything! I do have a separate wardrobe though for any clothes that need mending or altering. I gradually work through them when I have the time.

  10. Oooo these are some great tips!!! Cleaning out my closet is actually on next weeks list of things to do! Need to break out my winter stuff now that snow is here

  11. I revisited your site because I started cleaning out my closet over the weekend. I’m not done yet! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’ve kept so much junk in there.

    1. haha I’m sure you aren’t alone! I’m glad you’re conquering it! 🙂

  12. Love your tips! I should probably organize my closet to and store all my summer clothes. Thanks for the tips!

  13. I had a bit of help cleaning out my closet–and she did it exactly as you mention above. I was close to tears a couple of times-I do get attached to things occasionally–but she won out (mostly) and now I have a closet that I can actually see what I have!

  14. Great tips! I’ve been in this new house for almost two years, and I keep saying that I will clean out my closet but never get around to it. I get overwhelmed by all the clothes.

    1. You should take the course! I walk you through everything in even more detail than in this post, plus there’s a free printable that makes it easy to go through it all!

  15. Great idea and helpful tips! I certainly need some help when it comes to cleaning. I hoard too much in my opinion. Hahaha!

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