Essential Patterns: Polka Dots and Stripes

Polka dots and stripes are two timeless patterns - they just never seem to go out of fashion! Click the photo to see some fun, updated ways to style these essential prints...year-round! If I were to ask you, “What are some fabric patterns that never seem to go out of fashion?”, I’m guessing polka dots and stripes would be high on your list! Polka dots and stripes are very very trendy (and versatile!) and are two prints that you should have in your wardrobe, no matter the season. For this blog post, I’ll be showing you some fun ways to style these essential patterns, year-round!

How to Style Polka Dots and Stripes | 1st Stop: Polka Dots

Essential Patterns - Polka Dots and Stripes - Polka Dot Top Distressed Jeans My first polka dot-outfit is super fun and would be great for a day out with the ladies or even a date night. This beautiful black and white polka dotted blouse from Loft is sheer so I paired it with a simple, black tube top from Banana Republic. Obviously you could also wear a white or black cami underneath. I love how the polka dot print isn’t “standard”, i.e. the size differences in the dots and the random placement. I think it adds more style.

For bottoms with this top I chose these distressed skinny jeans from Bullhead Black. I love how the blouse, peep-toe pumps, and gold bracelet dress up the jeans. As a busy mom I’m all about being stylish and comfy at the same time!

Tip: If you love this outfit but aren’t sure about the heels, a cute pair of flats would work just as well!

Essential Patterns - Polka Dots and Stripes - Polka Dot Skirt This blue polka dot skirt from Olsenboye is very on-trend right now. Not only does it have a small polka dot print, but its top layer is sheer. Since it’s a feminine skirt I paired it with this beautiful white tank from Banana Republic. The lace detail really adds to the feminine style of the skirt. Nude shoes are also very on-trend, and these studded flats are no exception! Between the shape of the shoe, the color, and the studs…these shoes should be in your closet!

To make this outfit easily-transitional into Fall, I simply added this khaki jacket from J. Crew. The small (removable!) ruffle around the neckline adds even more of a feminine touch to the #ootd! Plus, who doesn’t love a great light jacket during Fall?!

Essential Patterns - Polka Dots and Stripes - Polka Dot Peplum Top Mint Pants The last polka dotted piece I styled for you is a navy peplum top from Banana Republic. I love styling navy and mint together, so I went for these mint-colored capris from Loft. I went with the nude studded pumps for this outfit, as well. The color looks really great with the pants. To add a little mint up top, I added the gorgeous mint stud earrings I picked up from an amazing closet clean-out this week.

If you are looking for great layering pieces for transitioning between seasons, you can easily add a fun denim jacket like this brand new one from Tint. It will not only help you to stay warm, but it also adds another fun dimension to an already-fun outfit!

How to Style Polka Dots and Stripes | Last Stop: Stripes

Essential Patterns - Polka Dots and Stripes - Striped Maxi Skirt Mint Victorias Secret Tank Military Jacket And on to how to style stripes! Polka dots have really gained popularity again the last couple of years, but stripes have never lost steam. Stripes are always extremely popular in the “Pre-Spring” clothing lines (which used to be known as “Resort Wear”…Hello, sailor-themed clothing!), but never really out of fashion. You can bet on finding them around year-round, making them a wardrobe staple!

For this first “stripes outfit” I started with a black and white striped maxi skirt from J. Crew. Since mint is a crazy-popular color right now, and I love it with just about anything, I added this mint tank from Victoria’s Secret Pink. To make it a little more transitional I included this olive green military-inspired jacket. It actually goes quite well with mint! Throw on a pair of black flats and some jewelry and you’re good-to-go!

Essential Patterns - Polka Dots and Stripes - Striped Tunic Sweater Distressed Boyfriend Jeans Studded Flats If you’re looking for a nice, comfy-but-trendy outfit, check out this one! This is a striped tunic-length sweater and I paired it with a pair of comfortable, slightly-distressed Boyfriend jeans – both from Loft. The nude studded flats dress up the outfit a little, and I added the coral earrings to tie in with the stripes. If you want to stay more on the casual side, a pair of white sneakers would look great, too!

Tip: If you want a more fitted look, since it’s longer this sweater would look amazing with leggings or skinny jeans.

Essential Patterns - Polka Dots and Stripes - Striped Skirt Yellow Cardigan The last outfit that I styled for this post starts out with this amazing navy and grey striped skirt from Gap. I used the same white tank as used above because I just love the pretty lace with this skirt. (And, well, with about anything…) To make it work-appropriate and transitional into Fall I added this mustard-yellow cardigan from Loft. I wanted to add a necklace so I chose this grey and light-purple beaded ribbon necklace from J. Crew. For shoes I chose the black peep-toes, but flats would look great, too!

Do you already wear polka dots and stripes on a regular basis? I definitely have a lot of stripes in my wardrobe, but I’ve gotta be honest! I only have one polka dot piece and I just got it this year! A pair of blue and white statement shorts. 🙂 Until next time!

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25 thoughts on “Essential Patterns: Polka Dots and Stripes

  1. I’ll be honest, I love me some stripes which is why outfits #4 and #5 jumped out at me, but I will say I liked #3 (the polka dot shirt with the mint pants!). Love the combination! I will need to try it out!

    1. LOVE stripes!!! I went shopping with my mom a couple years ago and she was like, “You really have a thing for stripes, huh???” Haha.

      1. I agree, stripes really stand out to me as well! I love vertical stripes though and they are so hard to find!

  2. nice concept for a post, and yes i love stripes and dots but not so much of a fan though… your pictures are amazing.

    thanks for sharing.

  3. I love polka dots and stripes. To be honest, I love wearing both at the same time!

  4. I could just pack all of these in my suitcase and run away with all of it. I love the first top for the same reason you did, unconventional polka dots. I love the sheer over layers for a feminine touch, too.

    Thanks for the post.

  5. It’s so true! I don’t think you can EVER go wrong with stripes! Any size, any colour stripes are classic!

    1. Agreed! 🙂

  6. You have helped me to warm up to stripes and polka dots! I love what you have paired up in these pictures!

    1. Yay! Glad to be of service! 🙂 Thank you!

  7. This is great, I must admit I usually go for a more solid pattern. I must get out of my comfort zone and do more patterns like this!

  8. I love the navy & mint together! It’s playful & fun, but still so stylish. I need more polka dots in my wardrobe.

  9. You bet those patterns are a must have. I love both and I have several dresses and blouses with these patterns

  10. I love the polka dots skirt, it is really perfect for the white top! I have some good polka dots and stripes on my closet.

  11. Oh, these are really gorgeous pairs! I want to try these things. I will buy some additional clothes.

  12. You are so spot on! Polka dots and stripes do not go out of style. I love the outfit combinations you put together in this post. The 3rd outfit with the navy peplum top is my favorite. I love how you mix and match different styles. I will bookmark your blog for reference! Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much!!! ❤

  13. Those are all cute looks and a nice change from the black that I normally wear all the time. Very cute.

  14. Great tips for those of us who are not so fashion savvy 🙂 thanks!

  15. I’m really liking each of the outfit suggestions you styled. I love both polka dots and stripes, but I’m sure I have more stripes in my wardrobe.

  16. Love all of these looks! Polka dots and stripes are my favorite patterns!

  17. Polka dots and Stripes have been around for ever and always find their way back in the fashion scene. I like what you selected and recently bought myself a pair of striped pants.

  18. Love all the combinations you have put together. I’m not into polka dots but I do love the shirt in #1.

  19. Stripes and polka dots look a little funny on me but omg the cutest clothes has them! LOL, I love wearing stripes with a vest and jeans.

  20. I love wearing stripes but sometimes depending on the size of the stripe is whether it looks good on me or not. Im not a big polka dot person though.

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