COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers Mascara Review

COVERGIRL has done it again! They just released a new mascara! Click the photo to read my COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers Mascara Review! Welcome, ladies! Shortly after I did my last (unsolicited!) COVERGIRL mascara review, I got contacted to join the new COVERGIRL Insiders and to test out their newest mascara that just hit the stores: COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers! Of course I said an enthusiastic “YES!!!” and now here we are! Keep reading for my COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers Mascara Review.

I received this product for free so that I could write a review, however I only recommend products and services I believe in. All words and opinions are my own! #CGInsiders #gotitfree

COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers Mascara Review – Initial Thoughts

COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers Mascara Review - Packaging So like I said, I recently reviewed the COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom mascara. I have also been using COVERGIRL Lash Blast for years. I really like the Full Lash Bloom, but it lengthens the lashes more than the Lash Blast…which thickens the lashes more than the Full Lash Bloom. They’re both great but have one main purpose. Make sense? Ok, good. The new Super Sizer Fibers is supposed to do both! Its been crafted with expert technology and ingredients and has an easy, one-step application. It is said to add 400% volume and length to the lashes thanks to a plumping formula and tens of thousands of lash-extending fibers, plus their exclusive brush.

The brush is pretty thin, and kind of flat. It’s wider at the far-end and gets skinnier as it gets closer to the lid. It was a little weird to use at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. The instructions say it works best to twist the wand up as you apply the mascara, which I usually do anyway. Once I’ve gone over the lashes once or twice with that method, I “wiggle” the wand slightly to separate the lashes. The mascara doesn’t run very easily and washes off easily just like any other! I was a little worried that it would be harder to get off because of the fibers, but it wasn’t any harder at all!

COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers Mascara Review - Comparison As you can see here, there is a drastic difference after adding the COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers Mascara! (You can also see why I never leave the house without mascara on…haha!) I think it definitely does it’s job! It thickens the lashes like the Lash Blast and lengthens them like the Full Lash Bloom. The last several weeks I’ve been deciding each day which one I want to wear that day…do I want more thickness or more length? Now, I don’t have to decide! COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers it is!

I’m already super satisfied with it, but I’ll add a 1-week update next Friday, just in case! 🙂

Have you tried this one yet? What’s your go-to mascara? Let me know below!

COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers Mascara Review – One-Week Update!

It’s been just over a week since I started using the COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers Mascara and I still love it! It makes my lashes look longer and thicker, which is the ultimate goal of mascara, right?! It’s super-inexpensive and easy to wash off. What more could you ask for?!

Tips: I’ve found that the best way (for me…) to apply it is to tilt my head back some when looking in the mirror. It helps me make less of a mess on my eyelid. If you still get some mascara on your lid, just dampen a Q-Tip and very lightly brush it off, then touch up the eyeshadow if needed! Also, I have been moving the brush back and forth a bit while applying the first layer so that it separates the lashes. Then I go over again, slowly rolling the brush up as it moves up the lashes. That helps make them look longer since you’re getting a better stroke!

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16 thoughts on “COVERGIRL Super Sizer Fibers Mascara Review

  1. I’m obsessed with having really full and long lashes so I’ll have to give this a try. The results look beautiful on you!

    1. Thank you so much! I love thick, long lashes, too!

  2. Mascara was on sale at Target a few weeks ago and I had coupons as well and I believe they were in Cartwheel, so I got a great deal on them. I cannot for the life of me remember where I put them. I hid them from my oldest daughter. I need to find them, they were all Cover Girl.

  3. Looks great on you! I will have to try this, my lashes are so thin, hope it will help , will let you know!

  4. I just got a package from covergirl today and this was in it! I cant wait to try it because I loved the super sizer!

  5. I love Cover Girl great products at an affordable price. Very cool that you got this opportunity. Congratulations! Good things happen to nice beautiful people =)

    1. You’re a sweetheart! Thank you so much, Adriana! <3

  6. I could do with this CoverGirl mascara. My eyelashes are thick yet never straight as much as I’d want them to be.

  7. Congratulations on being one of the COVERGIRL Insiders! Looks like I really need the Super Sizer Fibers Mascara! The difference between before and after is amazing!

    1. Thank you so much! <3

  8. I love Covergirl! I use some of their make-up from time to time, but I haven’t tried their mascara! I’m actually out and need to pick some up, I may just have to give it a try! Thanks for your post.

    1. It’s fantastic and only roughly $6-7 depending on where you go! Let me know how you like it!

  9. Knock on wood, my eyelashes are still full–what I go for if and when I wear mascara is length. I’ve never tried Covergirl–but now I think I might.

  10. I don’t wear much make up but I love lip gloss and mascara. I’ve tried a few things from this line and I’ll look for this new one too.

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