CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara Review

As a CoverGirl Insider I was given the opportunity to review their newest mascara, So Lashy! Read on for my CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara Review! Hello, hello! Welcome to another mascara review, brought to you by CoverGirl! haha I absolutely love getting new makeup to try so I was super excited when they contacted me to try out their newest mascara, So Lashy! It’s not even in stores yet, guys! Keep reading below for my full CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara Review…

I received this product for free so that I could write a review, however I only recommend products and services I believe in. All words and opinions are my own! #CGInsiders #gotitfree

CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara Review: Initial Thoughts

CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara Review - Packaging My honest initial thought: “What in the world kind of mascara brush is this?!” Haha! Isn’t that thing crazy looking?! I posted a picture of the box on SnapChat and one of my friends was like, “Why is CoverGirl sending you medieval weaponry???” This brush had me super nervous, especially since I was committed to applying the mascara for the first time via Facebook Live. (Check that out here.)

The 3-in-1 brush’s purposes are to shape, mold and build lashes regardless of your lash type, while the specialized ball tip gets the corners and hard to reach lashes. While I was unsure of the brush, I was still super excited to try it out!

CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara Review: Initial Application

CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara Review - Tube So as you could see in my Facebook Live video it took me a while to apply it for the first time. I wasn’t super sure how to use the brush… Some mascara wands work better (for me, at least…) if you twist the brush up while moving up your lashes and some work better if you kind of “wiggle” the brush back and forth a bit because it separates the lashes better. I was also moving a bit slower due to the pressure of doing my first live video. ha (Not a camera person… Or an in-front-of-people-person…)

The So Lashy! mascara did go on very smoothly. It just kind of glided on which was nice. The mascara seems to last all day and really makes the lashes look longer!

I did use the ball tip for the outer corners and even for the bottom lashes. It was nice to have! The corners of my eyelashes seem to be the hardest for me so I definitely like the ball tip!

CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara Review: Before and After

CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara Review - Before and After As you can see, there is a huge difference between no mascara and wearing the So Lashy! mascara! I will post a one-week update next Friday to let you know how I’m liking it and if it will be my new go-to! Still not sure about trying out that brush but want a new mascara to try? I also recently reviewed the CoverGirl Super Sizer Fibers Mascara which you can check out here!

CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara Review: One-Week Update!

I’m still loving it! Before I got So Lashy! in the mail I would have to decide between Lash Blast, Full Lash Bloom, and Super Sizer Fibers every morning. Now, there’s no questioning it! It goes on easily, stays on all day, comes off easily with my facial cleansing cloths and in the shower with cleanser, and most importantly…it looks amazing! It lengthens my lashes and adds volume. AND I saw it at Walmart yesterday! It was less than $9! How awesome is that?!


I recently recorded a YouTube video review of CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara! Check it out below:

What is your go-to mascara? Are you brand/product loyal or are you constantly trying something new? Have a convo with me below! I love hearing from you!

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