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5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Get Fit

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Get Fit

Hello, friends! I was trying to figure out what to make tomorrow’s Motivation Monday email about, and decided to just make a blog post, too! I have been intentional about being goal-oriented lately, and two of my goals have been health and fitness related. One goal is to simply be healthy and fit. The other […]

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April Overview + May Goals

April Recap + May Goals!

Hi, guys! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I didn’t get an “April Goals” post written for last month, but I had a great month! I made the most sales in one month’s time in April and I was SO excited about that! Hopefully that trend continues. 🙂 I’ve also made some great gains on Instagram. And […]

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Whats Up Wednesday - March 29th - CoverGirl Katy Kat Pearl Makeup Review

What’s Up Wednesday – March 29

Hello, hello, ladies! I hope you’re having a wonderful week! I’ve been looking forward to this week for months… It’s Kansas City Fashion Week!!! I had my first of three events last night at R24 Studios in the West Bottoms. It was a ton of fun and I met some amazing bloggers and made some […]

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How To Increase Your Instagram Exposure

My New eBook: How To Increase Your Exposure on Instagram!

That’s right, guys! I’ve written my first eBook! I see Instagram users post great photos, but with no caption and sometimes no hashtags. Or maybe they have a blank bio. These are all super important things when trying to build a following on Instagram. I thought it might be helpful to write out a short […]

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This post is a recap of my February goals and an overview of my March goals. Read on to see what I accomplished last month!

February Goal Recap + March Goals

Hi, guys! We’ve started a new month which means a goal recap! This post covers how I did regarding my February goals, as well as an overview of my March goals. Let’s see how I did… February Goal Recap Sales Goal I had a huuuuge sales goal of $1400. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. […]

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This post is a recap of my January goals and an overview of my February goals. Come see how I did last month and keep me accountable!

January Goal Recap & February Goals

Hi, guys! This post is a recap of the goals I had for January, how they went, and an overview of my February goals. Let’s see how I did and what’s in store this month! January Goal Recap Sales Goal Let’s start with sales. That is after all the main goal here. My sales goal […]

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In this week's What's Up Wednesday post I talk about my current obsession with blush pink, plus Aquation Lotion, the Bronzer & Contouring Palette from elf Cosmetics, and more!

What’s Up Wednesday – January 18

Hello, hump day! I hope you all are well and having a great week! In this week’s What’s Up Wednesday post I’ll be talking about my current color obsession, the bronzer & contour palette I’ve been using (incorrectly…) for years, and a lotion to get you through the rest of winter. Here we go! What’s […]

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What’s Up Wednesday – January 11

Happy Wednesday, guys! Welcome to the second installment of my “What’s Up Wednesday” series! If you missed the inaugural post from last week, you can catch up here. Basically, I just give you a dose of things I’m loving and/or not loving, things I’m excited about, and sometimes just things that are on my mind. […]

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What's Up Wednesday - January 4

What’s Up Wednesday – January 4

Welcome to my first “What’s Up Wednesday” post! This is a new feature here in the New Dawn Boutique blog and I hope you enjoy it. I will be posting things I am currently liking and disliking, things that are going on, and occasionally some random things that may be on my mind. You can […]

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A new year is upon us, so it's a great time to start fresh! This post details my personal and business goals, how I hope to reach my January goals, & more!

My January Goals!

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s already 2017?! Craziness if you ask me… January 1 typically brings New Year’s Resolutions to mind, although I’ve never really been one to make them. I kind of feel like if you are wanting to make a change, do it now…don’t wait for a new year to start. […]

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