How to Style White After Labor Day

Has the old saying "You can't wear white after Labor Day" driven you crazy like it has me? Okay, good... Say "Goodbye" to that saying and click the photo to learn how to style white after Labor Day! I’ve got a serious question for you… Has the old saying “You can't wear white after Labor Day" driven you crazy all these years like it has me? Okay, good… **Air five!** Alright, ladies… It’s time to say "Goodbye" to that crazy, outdated saying and “Hello!” to the crisp, year-round color of white! Who all is with me?! Keep reading for six trendy ideas on how to style white after Labor Day!

How to Style White After Labor Day – Polka Dotted Blouse

In today’s post I’ll be showing you six outfits using three trendy white pieces…two outfits each piece. The first piece I used was this gorgeous black and white polka dotted blouse. It comes with a removable tie that you can wear to dress it up and give it a Parisian vibe. I wanted to give you a more casual-chic outfit and a dressier option. For the photo on the left I styled the blouse with these blush pink skinnies from Merona. The blouse is sheer so I added a trendy denim jacket to keep you warm. Plus it just looks good. 🙂 The accessories you see in the photo are some of my personal items, but you can buy the exact bangle bracelet and stretch bracelet here. (Use code NDB15OFF for 15% off EVERYTHING at Kinsley Armelle! As for the JORD watch, you can read a full product review here!

For the second outfit using the polka dotted blouse, I wanted to dress it up a bit. I swapped out the pink skinnies for a beautiful cobalt blue pencil skirt and added a black suit jacket from White House Black Market. I love wearing black and white with bright blues like this skirt. You could totally wear them alone, but I love how the lace of the jacket dresses it up. Add a nice pair of pumps or these simple black slingback wedges and you’re ready for church or work!

How to Style White After Labor Day – Open Cardigan

White sweaters and cardigans are a pretty good sign that it’s okay to wear white after Labor Day. I mean who’s going to say, “That’s a gorgeous sweater, buuuuuut, it’s white so I can’t.” Not me!!! I have this super trendy black, grey, and white chevron-striped open cardigan for sale that I absolutely love. It’s easy to dress it up or down, making it very versatile. The first outfit I put together for you is one that you could wear out to run errands, to church, or even a relaxed date! I styled the chevron open cardigan over a beautiful sleeveless top from a.n.a. Add a chic pair of skinny jeans like these and your outfit is complete. Your shoe selection for this outfit will totally make the look come together. You can wear some patent black peep-toes to dress up the outfit, or wear some fun sneakers or slip-ons like the ones below to keep it casual.

The second outfit that I put together using the black, grey, and white open cardigan utilizes a simple burgundy dress from Merona. The beautiful, solid color of the dress mixed with the black, grey, and white stripes looks great, and perfect for Fall. Add a black ankle boot and your outfit will be complete! Want to take it a little further? Add a fun black belt around the cardigan!

How to Style White After Labor Day – White Boyfriend Jeans

The last trendy item I wanted to show you how to style is this pair of white boyfriend jeans from Eddie Bauer. Boyfriend jeans can be dressed up or down, but for these outfits I’ll be dressing them up a bit. The first outfit utilizes this gorgeous dark teal sweater from Antonio Melani. The color of the sweater really goes well with the stark white of the boyfriend jeans. A pair of simple black flats would totally work well with this outfit, but I chose to add a little extra style by using these amazing loafers from Harold’s. They go great with the sweater and really stand out against the white. If you wanted to stay more casual, any of the sneakers I chose above would look great, too!

The last outfit I styled for you today is one that you can wear multiple ways. This flowy striped tank top from Mossimo goes perfectly with the white boyfriend jeans and could be worn alone, or with the pink boyfriend cardigan you see pictured. Either way, this is a beautiful, comfy outfit that allows you to wear your white after Labor Day!

Which outfit was your favorite from today’s post? I am partial to the polka dot blouse with the pink skinnies and the green sweater with the boyfriend jeans…mainly because I really love those animal print shoes. 🙂 I’d love to hear from you! Comment below and don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list!

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13 thoughts on “How to Style White After Labor Day

  1. I really love all the outfits you have picked out loving the ruby cardigan.

  2. It’s all about the weather. If it is warm and sunny wear white to your hearts content. Don’t forget winter whites are quite classy in the cold. Just do you. Screw the rules.

  3. As long as the item isn’t totally white–like the ones you show above (white with stripes, polka dots etc)-then I can say even a total stickler to that rule (my Mom) would and is okay. If I dared to wear a totally white dress, or pants—-hum–she might faint dead away–but really I would have no problems.

  4. I LOVE the last look. Teal is my favorite color and I practically live in boyfriends jeans, they are so comfy!

  5. I am a huge white after labor day person and you are doing it awesomely! who cares about rules?

    1. Thanks so much! And I agree…who cares?!

  6. I could really use a new sweater and/or cardigan for the fall season! I love that you have a flat (and cheap) shipping rate for orders under $30 too!

    1. Thank you!

  7. I love the outfits with the white open cardigan. White jeans did not really work for me because I am always afraid they’d get dirty in a moment. The white Chuck Taylors are so nice too! That would go with any outfit you’ve suggested in this post.

  8. Cute outfits! I wish you could be my personal designer haha

    1. Haha! Thank you! That means a lot! 🙂 I can try to give style advice through email if you want to email me photos and questions… ha.

  9. I wear white sweaters/cardigans/blouses all year around without a problem. I tend to avoid white jeans or trousers during autumn as they tend to get dirty really fast.
    That cobalt blue skirt outfit looks gorgeous!

  10. I wear white year round and pay little attention to made up rules but, your styling is very nice. Love the pairings.

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