What’s Up Wednesday – May 17

In this week's What's Up Wednesday post I'm giving you the scoop on my new blush pink sneakers from Barcelonetta USA, my my sons' Summer Bucket List!Happy Wednesday! This week I’m gushing about my new favorite shoes! Yep, my blush pink sneakers from Barcelonetta USA! I’m also giving you a sneak peek at what the boys and I are working on for the quickly-approaching summer break.

I received these shoes for free or a discounted rate so that I could write an honest review. I only recommend products and services I believe in. All words and opinions are my own!

What I’m Loving

Metallic Blush Pink Sneakers from Barcelonetta USA

Metallic Blush Pink Sneakers

Fun sneakers are super on-trend right now, as is any and everything blush pink. Metallics are also on-trend, making these “Gold Pastel” sneakers from Barcelonetta USA incredibly trendy! I instantly fell in love with these, then I put them on my feet…so comfortable! They’re fun to dress up or down, making them versatile. I’ve worn them with cuffed skinny jeans and even floral statement shorts. You’ll probably find me wearing them with a skirt or dress very soon, too!

In addition to these awesome sneakers, Barcelonetta USA also has trendy floral print sneakers, glittery running shoes, and a wide range of fun shoes for both women and men!

Sizing: I usually wear a 9-9.5 in flats or sneakers and ordered a 9.5. They fit pretty much perfectly! If there was such a thing as quarter-sizes, I’d probably go 9.75, but I think 10s would have been too big. They did say their Espadrille-style shoes run a bit small so keep that in mind when ordering!

What I’m Excited About

Summer Break

My oldest son will be on Summer Break as of next Thursday around noon! I’m sure the boys and I will be spending our fair share of time at the neighborhood pool, but this summer we are also making a Summer Bucket List. We are writing down a list of all the parks we want to go to, as well as other fun things we’d like to do at least once. Things like go to a Royals game, go to Deanna Rose Farmstead, go bowling, etc. Have you ever done anything like this? Did you like it? Let me know below!

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9 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – May 17

  1. Those are cute shoes. if there is something that i do not have enough of, it is shoes.

  2. Totally loving on THOSE sneakers! blush is my new favorite – ever since my bff made me wear a brush bridesmaid dress!

  3. Those sneakers are so fun! I see them all over and I think they are so perfect for summer!

  4. Looking forward to hearing more about your summer plans.. those shoes are weirdly cute!

  5. I Need to make a list of things to do with my little guy this summer. I also need to make a shopping list and add those shoes to the top of it.

  6. These blush pink sneakers are adorable. I would love to wear them during the summer months when I am on vacation.

  7. Would love a pair of rose gold shoes! So cute with some boyfriend jeans and nice top!

  8. I’m super excited for summer break too! My husband and son want to get to kc for a royals game also – we are about 4 hours away so it’s on the agenda!

  9. I love cute sneakers. i do not wear them often, but when i do i like when they are as cute as these

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