What’s Up Wednesday – January 25

In this week's What's Up Wednesday Post I'm talking about my favorite Forever 21 Workout Leggings, my wooded Cora JORD Watch, my gold Spiked Bangle, and much more!

In this week's What's Up Wednesday Post I'm talking about my favorite Forever 21 Workout Leggings, my wooded Cora JORD Watch, my gold Spiked Bangle, and much more!Happy Wednesday! We’re already halfway through another week! Craziness… I hope you’re all doing well! I’m covering a lot in this week’s What’s Up Wednesday post, so let’s get started! First up, my Forever 21 workout leggings!

What’s Up Wednesday – What I’m Loving

Forever 21 Workout Leggings With Mesh Panel

Forever 21 Workout Leggings

When I decided that I was getting serious about running, I wanted to get a pair of leggings that would be comfortable to run in…and if I’m being honest…something that was also cute. I did some online shopping and ended up going to Forever 21 to try some on because they had great prices. No surprise there, right?! I spent less than $25 for a pair of Forever 21 workout leggings with sheer mesh panels and POCKETS! Pockets rock. Especially when they’re big enough to carry your big phone but tight enough to keep it against your leg without moving! They’ve been fantastic. So comfy, warm, and practical! I couldn’t find the exact pair I bought, but the ones in the photo are very similar.

Speaking of running, I’m keeping up with my goals! There was one week, I believe two weeks ago, where the weather just wouldn’t allow for more than one run. Last week I did three (my stretch goal…happy with two, ecstatic with three) runs and this week I’ve already gotten two in! #winning I don’t plan on running again until the weekend.

My Wooden “Cora” Watch from JORD Watches

JORD Cora Women's Watch - Main FeaturesI used to not really be a watch person, but let me tell you…that’s changed! Luckily, I was asked a while back to review this gorgeous wooden watch by JORD Watches. I now wear it every.single.day. It’s really comfortable, incredibly pretty, and I get compliments about it pretty often.

Since I already wrote a full review post about my “Cora” watch, I’ll just send you there for more info about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gold Spike Bangle Bracelet

Gold Spike Bangle Bracelet - Kinsley Armelle To go along with my watch, I’ve been wearing this gold spike bangle bracelet from Kinsley Armelle. I wear it almost every day, either alone or with other Kinsley Armelle bracelets…which I am actually a retailer of! I love the clasp opening on this one because then more people can wear it. The Druzy Bangle bracelets are gorgeous, but the opening isn’t very wide and they don’t really stretch much.

The Spike Bangle Bracelet comes in gold and silver, gold with rhinestones and silver with rhinestones. Click the links to shop directly from this site!

What’s Up Wednesday – What I’m Upset About

Goodbye, championship…

If you read my What’s Up Wednesday post from the 11th, you found out that I’m pretty much obsessed with supercross and Ken Roczen was creating some excitement in the sport by wearing a suit to the press conference. Well, excitement is right! He won the first two races and then Saturday happened… He crashed. Hard. My 5 year old was up watching the race with me and asked if he was dead… Yep. That hard. Luckily he “only” sustained injuries to his arm (compound fracture in his forearm and a dislocated wrist and elbow…), but he’s obviously going to be out for a long time. Goodbye, championship. ๐Ÿ™

Same night, another great rider, Jason Anderson, got in a tiny fight (like…literally one push) with a guy that just has to find trouble everywhere he goes (don’t get me started) and got disqualified, sending him to 9th in the standings. Just like that, after one night of racing, two of the five or so main contenders for the championship are out. Bummer for everyone, really. Even the riders are upset that Ken got hurt because he’s such a great presence for the sport.

RIP, Ace!

Yordano Ventura Braden's Hope for Childhood Cancer FundraiserThen…Sunday morning. I went to Twitter to check for an update on Roczen (told you…obsessed…) and instead found the first reports that Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Yordano Ventura was killed in a car accident in his home country of the Dominican Republic. Heartbroken. He was only 25, and was loved in the Kansas City community. Not just for his 100mph fast balls, but his heart. He has been in the last two Braden’s Hope For Childhood Cancer calendars, bringing smiles and laughs to children battling the monster of cancer, and money to childhood cancer research. He even stopped at a lemonade stand and gave the kids $100 once! Such an amazing guy, gone way way too soon.

On that note: A local sports apparel company has printed “FOREVER 30” t-shirts for fans to show their support for Ventura, but that’s not all. They found out that Ventura was a big supporter of Braden’s Hope and will be donating a portion of the FOREVER 30 shirt sales to the foundation! AMAZING! Here is the story done on Fox 4 and here is where you can buy a shirt for yourself for just $15!

What are you guys loving this week?! I’d love to hear below! Until next time….

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  1. Awesome product recommendations. I love Jord wooden watches. The workout leggings look so comfy. The gold spike bangle bracelet is such a cool piece. That’s such an amazing gesture by your local apparel company to contribute to Bradenโ€™s Hope!

  2. I am loving those leggings from Forever21 and the gold spike bangle bracelet in my fave Silver with rhinestones.

  3. The products you featured are all so lovely. I am sorry to hear about those athletes. I hope Roczen would recover quickly and also praying for the eternal repose of the soul of Yordano Ventura.

  4. I’m liking your picks! My daughter is always open to new workout gear since she spends a lot of her free time in the gym. I think that new watch is awesome!

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