What’s Up Wednesday – January 18

In this week's What's Up Wednesday post I talk about my current obsession with blush pink, plus Aquation Lotion, the Bronzer & Contouring Palette from elf Cosmetics, and more!

In this week's What's Up Wednesday post I talk about my current obsession with blush pink, plus Aquation Lotion, the Bronzer & Contouring Pallete from elf Cosmetics, and more!Hello, hump day! I hope you all are well and having a great week! In this week’s What’s Up Wednesday post I’ll be talking about my current color obsession, the bronzer & contour palette I’ve been using (incorrectly…) for years, and a lotion to get you through the rest of winter. Here we go!

What’s Up Wednesday – What I’m Loving

What's Up Wednesday Post - Blush Pink Sweater from Old Navy

Blush Pink

I’ve always loved blush pink, but I’ve really been loving it lately. I don’t know if it’s just me really looking forward to spring, or aaaall the pretty blush pink things I’ve been finding, but I can’t get enough! When shopping the post-Christmas sales, I found this pretty blush pink sweater from Old Navy and I’ve been wearing it one or (usually) two times a week. I can’t help myself. It’s so comfortable and the color really goes with a lot. I particularly like wearing it with my distressed black jeans.

When I found this sweater, I also found this boyfriend linen-blend tee…also in blush pink. It’s so comfy!!! I’ve dressed it both up and down and it’s now a regular in my rotation as well! You can pick up one for yourself here for as low as $2.99!!!

e.l.f. Cosmetics Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

What's Up Wednesday - e.l.f. Cosmetics Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder So you remember a while back when I reviewed the CoverGirl TruBlend Contour Palette? That was the first time I ever contoured my face. What’s funny though, is that I’ve been using this Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder from elf Cosmetics for probably 4 years, particularly in the summer. I never used the colors separately, but I loved how they looked on me when I mixed them. Now that I know how to contour, I’ve actually been using it properly and it is a great go-to palette when in a hurry!

Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion

If you’re like me and get super-dry skin in the winter…you’ll want to head here for my full review of the new Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion! It’s not greasy, it’s fragrance-, paraben-, and petrolatum-free so it’s great for sensitive skin, and a little goes a really long way. It’s been nice to have the last few chilly weeks!

What’s Up Wednesday – Things I’m Excited About

Running! The weather is going to be pretty decent this week, so I’m hoping to get three runs in. I did the first today and it went great! I did right at 3 miles. I can’t suggest the Couch to 5K app enough if you’re looking to get into running. I never thought I’d be able to do what I’m doing!

Renew! I absolutely love my mom’s group, Renew for Moms at Lenexa Baptist Church. It’s a wonderful 2 hours of mom time, learning about God’s Word, relaxing with other women in the same season of life, doing crafts and eating breakfast casserole. Mmm…the breakfast casseroles! Spring semester starts back up this Thursday so I’m super excited! Yay!

How To Clean Out Your Closet + Build A Base Wardrobe Lastly, I’m super excited about my 5-day eCourse, How To Clean Out Your Closet + Build A Base Wardrobe! It’s one email for five days. The first thing we do is clean out your closet and drawers, with the help of a printable flow chart. Next, we organize it all back in, then I walk you through building a base wardrobe that you can wear pretty much year-round! Need help weeding out the stuff you never wear and building a wardrobe that you’ll look and feel good in??? Enroll now!

What are you excited about right now? Anything fun going on?! Let me know in the comments below!

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