JORD “Cora” Watch – Women’s Watch Review

There's no other way to put it: JORD Watches are quite simply works of art! JORD watches are stunning, hand-crafted men's and women's watches that are made out of some of the most beautiful WOOD in the world! Yes, you read that correctly...wood. Read on to find out about the "Cora", a gorgeous women's watch made from zebrawood and detailed with Swarovski crystals. There’s no other way to put it: JORD Watches are quite simply works of art! JORD watches are stunning, hand-crafted men’s and women’s watches that are made out of some of the most beautiful WOOD in the world! Yes, you read that correctly…wood. Read on to find out about the “Cora”, a gorgeous women’s watch made from zebrawood and detailed with Swarovski crystals.

I was given a watch as compensation for this review, however I only recommend products and services I believe in. All words and opinions are my own!

JORD “Cora” Women’s Watch – Packaging

JORD “Cora” Watch – Women’s Watch - Packaging As you can see, my JORD “Cora” watch came in an awesome wooden box that is pretty in and of itself. The top slides out making it easy to get the watch out…and it just looks cool. 🙂 The watch was wrapped for protection and has a nice pillow for storage. It also came with a cleaning cloth. This is definitely not a plastic case you’d throw away after cutting the watch from it! haha JORD goes all out and sends their watches in a great keepsake box. And shipping is FREE! Bonus!

JORD “Cora” Women’s Watch – Main Features

JORD Cora Women's Watch - Main Features So as I’ve mentioned, the Cora that I received is hand-crafted from zebrawood. There are also koa, purpleheart, and maple options available here. I love the beautiful rose-colored face and how it looks with the completely natural zebrawood. Side note: JORD doesn’t stain their woods at all. They just treat it with Tung Oil to prevent it from cracking. How cool is that?! The color you see is the natural color of the wood used. As if the JORD Cora watch isn’t already pretty enough, they’ve added eight authentic Swarovski crystal markers, plus the gold details really pop and make it even more elegant!

The sapphire crystal glass is scratch resistant and is second in hardness only to a diamond. As a mom to two boys, that’s awesome to know! 🙂 Even though the watch is made of wood, it’s “splash resistant” meaning it can get a little wet without getting damaged. If you feel like the watch needs cleaned, lemon or orange oil extract is all you need!

The crown (the part that changes the time) is different than any I had ever seen before. It screws in and out instead of just pulling right out. As small as the crown piece is, the JORD logo is on the end of it! They really don’t leave out any details!

JORD “Cora” Women’s Watch – Movement

JORD “Cora” Women’s Watch – Packaging One of the coolest (yet mostly unseen) features of this watch is the window on the back. You can see the amazing, detailed movement that keeps your watch going. The Cora runs using a 21 jewel automatic movement, meaning once you wind it or wear it for a bit, it keeps itself running for up to 36 hours! NO BATTERIES! As you move, the watch winds up more! Synthetic rubies are used at each moving intersection to reduce friction and wear.

If you look closely at the inscription on the back of the watch, you will also see that JORD Watches are “born” right here in the US! St. Louis, MO, to be exact! Another awesome detail…they ship for FREE worldwide!

JORD “Cora” Women’s Watch – GIVEAWAY!

So you obviously want to get your hands on one of these watches, right?! Their women’s watches start at about $130, but you can enter to win a $75 e-voucher to be used by 10/31/2016 by clicking here. And the best part??? Even if you don’t win the $75, you still get a $20 e-voucher just for entering! You’re welcome! 🙂

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19 thoughts on “JORD “Cora” Watch – Women’s Watch Review

  1. I think they are SUCH unique and beautiful watches. I love how you can see the movement, too.

    Have a fabulous weekend Tiffany! 🙂

  2. I really love JORD brand watches, they are great. This looks like a new option with them too.

  3. Awesome giveaway–I have a JORD watch and I love it so much! Love the one you picked 🙂

  4. This watch is so nice. I really like the “Cora” design. I didn’t know JORD didn’t stain their wood.

  5. These watches are so cool. If I wore a watch I would look into them for sure.

  6. I haven’t seen a zebrawood watch before. It’s a lovely style. I had a Jord watch a couple of years ago and always liked the look of the wood.

  7. That watch is just lovely!

    xoxo, Jenny

  8. wow, I’ve never heard of JORD watches but I’m in love! This is a beauty! xx

  9. It’s been a while since either my husband or myself has worn a watch. But at a work event recently, he needed to monitor the presenters’ times. He said it felt odd using his phone and wished he had a watch. It got us both thinking it was time.

  10. Such a beautiful love and timeless! Would love to rock one!

  11. It’s so pretty! I love my JORD watch.

  12. Omg what a fabulous watch!!! I definitely need to add a Jord to my collection!

  13. I love JORD watches because they are so elegant and intricate. My husband loves wearing his JORD watch when we go out.

  14. What a pretty watch and lovely giveaway. I really like the pink face of the watch.

  15. These pieces are stunning! They are works of art – from the packaging to the watches themselves. Our anniversary is coming up…this is definitely in my gift idea shortlist!! (Or maybe I’ll just win in the giveaway lol)

  16. These are just gorgeous! Want!

  17. JORD watches look really amazing! You are not the first review I have seen and I am totally wanting one.

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