How To Style Distressed Jeans — Updated!

Distressed jeans come in a wide range of shapes and even varying degrees of distressing. They're very on-trend so click the image to find out how to style distressed jeans! Okay, so I don’t know about you, but as a busy mom, I love a good pair of distressed jeans! However, I don’t really like looking like a hot mess when I’m out and about. Are you in the same boat, regardless if you’re a mom or not? Distressed jeans are super on-trend and come in a wide range of sizes and even degrees of “distressing”. Here are some fun suggestions on how to style distressed jeans.

How To Style Distressed Jeans – Tank & Open Cardigan

How to Style Distressed Jeans Update - Black Tank - Open Cardigan - Studded Flats Over the years of being a mom who loves fashion, I’ve learned that it is possible to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. When distressed denim became on-trend over the last couple of years (and not just in the grunge scene!), I secretly got super excited. (My favorite jeans at the time may or may not have started getting holes in the knees…)

This pair of slightly-distressed skinnies is from Bullhead Black. I styled them with a trendyblack tank from Express and a neutral open cardigan from American Rag. A long, multi-strand tassel necklace adds a nice dressy-aspect to the outfit, as well as the nude studded flats. If you’re simply going for comfort, trade out the studded flats for some black slip-ons or Chuck Taylors!

Shop some of my picks for this outfit straight from the retailer:

How To Style Distressed Jeans – Yellow Cardigan & Stripes

How to Style Distressed Jeans Update - Yellow Cardigan - Striped Tank Since we are coming up on Fall, I wanted to give some outfit options that are easily-transitional. The jeans in this second outfit are a lightly-distressed Boyfriend cut-jean from Loft. If you aren’t familiar with boyfriend jeans, they are slightly baggy, but only in the right places. They are really more of a really relaxed relaxed-fit. They look awesome cuffed and can be worn a wide variety of ways.

For this outfit, I styled the jeans with a long striped tank from H&M. I really like pairing black and white stripes with mustard yellow. I decided to add this yellow cardigan (also from Loft!) to keep your arms warm on those cool, end-of-summer nights. Add the peep-toe pumps to make it a dressier outfit, or stick to some trendy sneakers for a more-casual look.

How To Style Distressed Jeans – Sweatshirt & Chambray

How to Style Distressed Jeans Update - Toms Sweatshirt - Chambray If you are headed out for a day of errands and want an outfit that’s comfy, warm, and on-trend, this pair of lightly-distressed jeans are from Banana Republic. They are a standard “straight” fit.

So, check this out… Did you know that Tom’s Shoes makes clothing and handbags?! Crazy, right?! This fun grey sweatshirt is from Tom’s Shoes! The tribal/Aztec print on the front is going to be big again this year. Here’s your chance to get in on it if you didn’t last year! 🙂 If you want to, you can dress the outfit up a bit by adding a chambray button-down underneath!

TOMS Shoes

How To Style Distressed Jeans – Trendy Sheer Popover

How to Style Distressed Jeans Update - Aztec Popover So, I’m kinda in love with this top! How awesome is this sheer Aztec-print popover?! You can wear just about any color of cami or tank under it since there are so many colors in the print. Personally though, I’d probably wear white. I put the popover with the Bullhead skinnies from the other outfits. I like wearing loose tops with skinny jeans. They are comfy and make your legs look longer. 🙂 If you’re going out for dinner or a date, the black peep-toe pumps would be a great choice, or when it’s colder, a nice pair of booties would even look great!

Tip: If you want to wear skinny jeans but don’t feel comfortable wearing something tight up top, go for something loose and flowy. The two different fits complement each other and will help you feel better! Same is true if you reverse it…try out wearing a tighter top and wide leg trouser pants or jeans! This is a trick used to lengthen the legs and make you look taller.

So tell me…which of these outfits is your favorite? Do you already rock the distressed jean trend? I’d love to hear from you!!! Discuss below!

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18 thoughts on “How To Style Distressed Jeans — Updated!

  1. I love my jeans. I could wear them all the time, especially after they get broken in. I love the pairings, very nice.

  2. Not tips for myself but I did share it with my gf who wears jeans all the time 🙂

  3. I loved how you were able to put together 5 different outfits. The tops were awesome! It did take my attention away from the distressed jeans. I’m sharing this post with my friends.

  4. I love a good pair of jeans, and outfit 5 is definitely my kind of look! I actually have a striped tee very similar to the one pictured.

  5. So many great ideas! I usually pair distressed jeans with a white, gray or striped T-shirt and some kind of necklace. Really like the H& M coral popover!

  6. I love wearing jeans and I love all your suggestions. My favorite would be number 3.

  7. I love the look of distressed jeans. Although I don’t know if I can pull it off anymore. My personal favorite from the above looks is the Outfit 4.

  8. This is so cute for a casual summer get together!

  9. I think the Aztec-print top is my favorite! Love to dress up jeans for a simple day out shopping.

  10. I practically live in jeans, so I am always looking for ways to style them. Love your ideas.

    1. Thank you!

  11. I’d wear any of these cute styling ideas. You’re really good at putting together outfits!

    1. Thank you so much!

  12. I still can’t quite get it in my head that people go out and BUY jeans that already look like they have been worn for a couple of years and with holes in them! Would I wear them–no–Did I wear them before they became popular–yeah-until my Mom threw them away! I think I like the first pic the best.

  13. I love all of those. I usually do a flowy top and sweater 🙂

  14. This is really neat to do to distressed jeans, never really thought about it. I will have to share with my teen daughter as I am super sure this would be something she would do!

  15. I’m seeing more folks wearing distressed jeans again. There was a time when they seemed to disappear… nice pairings on your post.

  16. Beautiful ways to style distressed jeans. I love the one with the Yellow Cardigan & Stripes. That’s totally my style!

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