Style Advice: How To Style Corduroys

Corduroys are an easy trend to follow. If you aren't used to wearing them, however, you'll need some advice. Click the photo to learn how to style corduroys! Surely as a child you had some corduroy pants…I’m guessing khaki-colored. Did you rock the 80s cords, or was that just me? Well, corduroys have made a comeback and unlike the neutral colors we (or I…) rocked back in the day, they’re now available in fun colors and even in more updated styles. Hello, skinny cords! Read on for some new ideas on how to style corduroys!

How To Style Corduroys – Fun Colors

How To Style Corduroys - Powder Blue Toothpick Corduroys from J Crew Not only are skinny corduroys on-trend right now, but so is powder blue! These “Toothpick Skinny Corduroys” from J Crew look great with this chevron-printed tee from Mossimo. Alone, this would be a great Spring outfit. As you can see I’ve added a chambray shirt for an extra layer in the colder months. You could also wear the chambray button-down alone with the corduroys, giving you two outfits in these three pieces! Wear some simple sneakers for a casual look, or a pair of booties to dress it up a bit.

Love these cords but not a size 0? You can buy a brand new pair (in five different colors!) straight from J Crew here!

How To Style Corduroys – Skinny Fit

How To Style Corduroys - Black Always Skinny Corduroys from Gap I know I already showed you one pair of skinny corduroys, but they were in a fun color. The pair I used in this outfit is your typical black corduroy, only skinny. And as we all know…black goes with just about everything! Skinny jeans have obviously been insanely popular the last several years, but the fit is making its way to all other pants. Dress pants, khakis, sweatpants, and now corduroys. You’d style these just like you would black skinny jeans, only these have a dressier appearance! I chose to style these black cords with this beautiful sheer floral top. I have always loved styling black and white with red. This outfit gives you a casual feel with a dressed up look! Add a great pair of heels or trendy flats and you’re golden!

How To Style Corduroys – Back To The Basics

How To Style Corduroys - Navy Corduroys from Sonoma Straight legged corduroys are much closer to what we grew up on, and also maybe a little less intimidating for those who don’t like wearing skinnies. I styled these navy straight-legged corduroys with a plaid button-down and a crisp white cable knit sweater. This is a great layered outfit for those late-Fall and Winter days! And like the first outfit, you could wear each shirt alone with the cords, giving you two outfits in one! As for shoes with this outfit, you could go with sneakers for a casual look, or calf-high boots would be great for a dressier option.

Have you been wearing corduroys lately? Which of these outfits was your favorite? Let’s discuss below!

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13 thoughts on “Style Advice: How To Style Corduroys

  1. I used to have a pair of brown corduroy pants that I wore with EVERYTHING. It didn’t matter to me that they didn’t match with everything I threw on top. What mattered was that I was comfortable, haahha. I love corduroy!

  2. I remember corduroys from the 80s verywell! My Mom bought tons of them for me, both the skinny and wide varieties. I hated the way they whistled when I walked.

    1. haha Luckily today’s corduroy isn’t as rough. They’ve improved it over the years. 🙂

  3. Love how you paired up the outfit. Honestly, I haven’t wore a corduroy pants for a long time. I might need to dig up my closet. My favorite is the skinny fit.

    1. Skinny is my favorite, too!

  4. I love the way you styled these outifts. I am so bad about putting a lot of color into my outfits but these are SO CUTE!

    1. Thank you so much!

  5. I used to wear corduroys all the time but haven’t owned a pair in years! I love the second look you’ve put together

    1. Thank you!

  6. OMG this is so timely! I was just saying the other day I should start wearing the cords I was given as a gift TWO years ago. I never know what goes well with it. Ha! Now I do 🙂 Definitely going for back to basics.

  7. Corduroy–I always try to find at least one pair every year. I tend to the conservative and truthfully I just can’t wear skinny anything!! Right now I have a pair in black and it goes with virtually everything I have in sweaters–hey it gets cold here!!

  8. Cords are my fave as they can pretty much go with anything

  9. I am in love with these combinations! Especially the blue shirt in the first photo. I haven’t worn courdoroys in years, but this inspired me to bring an old favorite back into my wardrobe.

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