How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways

How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways

How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways Scarves have become a fall wardrobe staple over the last few years and there are endless ways to style them. That however, can become a daunting task for some. It took me a good year or two to really start rocking the scarf trends myself! Here is how to style a scarf 5 ways!

How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways – The Basics

How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways - Basic

Of course we should probably start with the basics, right? The easiest way to style a scarf, especially if you don’t know how to do the fancy ties, is just to wrap it around once. Start by leaving a tail in the front on whichever side you prefer, at whatever length is most comfortable for you. Wrap it around one time and let the other end hang down in the back! Easy peazy! 🙂 If you’re looking for a beautiful, affordable scarf that would style similarly to this look (and the next two…), check out this gorgeous scarf from H&M! It’s only $12.99!!!

How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways – Basic Loop

How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways - Basic Loop

Another super easy way to style a scarf is what I’m calling the “Basic Loop”. Anyone remember Mallory from The Real World Paris? haha She’s the first person I really remember seeing wear her scarves like this. It always looked so pretty on her! Anywho…. This is super easy. Take the scarf and loosely fold it in half with the ends laying on each other. Wrap the scarf around from the back of your neck like that…loop coming forward on one side and the “tail” on the other. Simply put the “tail” through the looped part and then pull the loop closer to your chin a bit until it looks like the photo!

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How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways – Loop & Twist

How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways - Special Twist

So I’m sure this way of styling a scarf has been done before, but I came up with it on my own one night at work when I worked at Loft. We had gotten in a huge shipment of new scarves and we were trying them on. haha I was just playing around trying to come up with new ways to wear them and loved this one!

To replicate this style, you start out just like the last one: loosely fold the scarf in half and wrap it around the from back of your neck with the loop on one side and the “tail” on the other. Instead of putting both ends through the loop, only put one end through. Twist the loop just one time, below the single tail you just put through, then put the other single tail through the new tiny loop. Adjust and you’re done!

How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways – Single Wrap

How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways - Single Wrap

The last two options I have today for how to style a scarf will require a square scarf or a long, wide rectangular scarf like this pretty one that you can get for just $13 from Nordstrom! To achieve this look you’ll bring two opposite corners of the scarf together, almost like you’re trying to make a triangle. Once you have the two corners together, tie them together as close to the ends as you can. Place this new knot right at your spine, with the rest of the scarf draped in front of you. Twist the scarf one time and pull the end up over your head to cover the knot. Now you can adjust the front to look how you’d like. Pull the loops so they are further apart, or make it look like one big loop…whatever makes you feel more comfortable. That is however what fashion is all about! 🙂 Making you feel good about yourself!

How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways – Double Wrap

How To Style A Scarf 5 Ways - Double Wrap

Other than my “Loop & Twist” that I showed you above, this is usually my go-to scarf-wearing style. You start out the same as above, but wrap it around your neck twice instead of once. You’ll need a pretty long scarf to accomplish this, but the result is really pretty! Infinity scarves work perfectly for simple wraps like these last two. If you aren’t familiar with an infinity scarf, it’s just a scarf with no lose ends. It’s a full circle!

I chose several of my favorite scarves that you can shop right now, straight from the retailers:

Hopefully this post has helped you learn some new ways to style a scarf. Scarves are amazing accessories for your fall outfit, plus they help keep you warm! 🙂 If you’re liking the outfit I used in this post, I used this chambray button-down and this black hi-low skirt!

What was your favorite option from above? Did you learn anything new? Let me know below!

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  1. I’m totally into the double wrap too, and own a whole bunch of infinity scarves! It’s really a necessity too, I need to be really bundled up!

  2. That is a great way to style a scarf, I must admit I struggle with this idea of how to wear scarves, but you nailed it. This is certainly going to help me the next time I have a scarf with my outfit!

  3. I will have to try the loop and twist the next time I wear a scarf. Some of my favorite scarves are the infinity ones so I can’t really tie them up different ways.

  4. These are great ways to style your scarf. I just bought a nice new one I am excited to try a few of these with.

  5. I have some good set of Scarves that I use frequently and I am in love with these different style options that could do wonder to your costume. I always love the The Basics style and The Loop & Twist looks pretty good as well.

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