Goal Setting: My Goals for 2017

Goal Setting - 2017 Goal Setting Worksheets - Plan, Track, and Achieve your goals! The new year is quickly approaching. With New Year’s Resolutions and many people looking at a new year as a new start, let’s talk goal setting. I’ve never really been one for making New Year’s Resolutions. Probably because I never kept them. Maybe you can relate? 🙂 Now that I have a business, however, I am readying myself for 2017 by making goals…but not just any random goals. Goals that are big, but attainable. Goals that are possibly a little scary, but motivating. Let’s walk through how I’m setting my goals and maybe you can make some of your own!

Goal Setting – You’ve gotta start somewhere…

This year was the first full year that I focused on growing my business, especially via blogging and social media. The previous 2-3 years I was just selling stuff in my local swap & shop Facebook Groups. I eventually got my own website and made my New Dawn Boutique Facebook Group, which is where I make 99% of my sales. As of the writing of this blog post, I had sales of roughly $7300 for this year. I’d like to at least double that in 2017, so my goal is $15,000.

My next goal is to have 1000 email subscribers. Right now I’m hovering around 70, so this will be a large jump. I’ve recently made my first few sales due to sending out emails, so that’s been exciting! Email is one of the most personable ways to communicate with your audience so I’m hoping to utilize that better in 2017.

My third business goal for 2017 is to reach 10,000 followers on Instagram. Right now I’m only at about 1850, so again…quite a jump! I’ve been posting my #ootd Archive pictures to my Instagram account daily, as well as photos that go along with my blog posts. I’m hoping to do more reviews in 2017 and will share those, too.

Goal Setting – The Roadmap

Setting goals is obviously a great start, but that’s not all you should be doing! You also need to plan out some actionable steps of getting you to that goal. Here are some of the things I’m planning on doing to achieve my 2017 goals.

1. $15k in Sales: Increasing my email subscribers and being intentional about what I’m emailing out are something I feel can lead to more sales next year, so that’s on my action plan. Also, weekly style posts on the blog with photos that can be shared across social media, particularly Instagram and Pinterest. I’m also hoping to launch at least one great-selling course next year that will make some great passive income. I’m also trying to be more intentional with what clothes I’m buying and not just buying something because it’s a steal.

2. 1k Email Subscribers: I’ve created a great opt-in for new email subscribers. An opt-in is something you get when you sign up for an email list. Currently, if you sign up for my email list you get the FREE goal planning worksheets that I created to go along with this post. Course enrollments will also help increase my subscriber list, and I’m also planning on mentioning the list more and creating “extras” to go out after some blog posts.

3. 10k Instagram Followers: I wish I would have written down where I started at the beginning of the year. I’m fairly certain I had about 400. I’ve joined a comment pod which helps with interaction, and have been more intentional about commenting on other’s posts, too. Also, following other great accounts. I’ve been scheduling posts so that my account is “active” on a consistent basis, as well as posting photos that are similar. For example, my #ootd Archive posts are posted each morning, Monday through Friday, at 8 or 9am. If I have a blog post to promote, I post that at around 11am or 1pm. I’m also hoping to buy some Guides that help you work out your account to where it grows like crazy just because of how good you get at it.

In the 7-page Goal Planning Worksheets I created, I include pages that detail all this out, as well as pages to track your progress each month. This is important so that you know what’s working and what’s not. Hopefully it’ll keep you motivated, too!

Goal Setting – Celebrate!

Something that I feel is important is celebrating your successes. I have my goals planned out and my tracking sheets prepared, but I haven’t quite come up with how I will celebrate each goal being achieved. Obviously this is something that will vary by person. Maybe it’s something small, or maybe you’re the type of person that goes all out! Make your celebration something motivating for you!

So…have you made your goals yet? Is that something you will be doing? I’d love to hear them below! I’d also love for you to join me in the Goal Diggers 2017 Facebook Group so that we can keep each other encouraged, motivated, and on track!

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14 thoughts on “Goal Setting: My Goals for 2017

  1. Those are some great goals for 2017, good luck with all of them! I also want to get to 1000 emails subscribers and have a long way to go too. But creating an op-in definitely helped me start to see those numbers grow.

    1. Good luck meeting your goals, as well! You should join our Facebook Group!

  2. I think, for 2017, I may consider monthly goals instead of yearly goals. I feel like short-term goals are more appropriate for me as I lose interest and motivation quickly!

    1. That’s why I have monthly tracking sheets! Helps keep you motivated and on-track!

  3. What a wonderful goals this coming 2017! I really like your idea of making your own worksheet, I never thought in that way! You’re absolutely amazing! Good luck I’m sure that, you will reach your goal.

    1. Thank you so much! <3

  4. My goal for 2017 is to refresh my blog. It needs some love and some speed. After that I’m hoping to grow my followers on underused social media channels.

    1. Sounds like some great goals! Good luck!

  5. Good luck with reaching your goals in 2017. It sounds like you’re already on your way!

  6. I think it is important to set goals for yourself. I am in the process of setting my goals for the year.

  7. I have set personal goals but none for my blog. I really need to sit down and do this. Thanks for the prompt.

  8. Having little celebrations is helpful. It makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something while you’re on your way.

  9. I can’t believe the new year is almost upon us. I’ve been seeing a flurry of goal setting posts for the year and I wish everyone great success at sticking to them. 🙂

  10. […] you may have read in my last post about goal setting, I have a sales goal of $15,000 for 2017. Breaking it down by month, that means I need $1250 in […]

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